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Product Catalogues

In the product catalogues below, we present our extensive range of connecting elements.


TOBinfo provides you with a quick overview of our product range at a glance. In addition to connecting elements made of A1, A2 to A4 stainless steel, we supply a wide range of other products made of
special materials, such as A5 (1.4571), D6 (1.4462 DUPLEX) and A8 (1.4529 HCR) stainless steel.
With everything available that directly from stock!


The TOBcatalog provides you with a comprehensive overview of the entire TOBSTEEL range.


Our TOBspecials brochure showcases our product range for A5 – 1.4571, 1.4529 HCR and 1.4462 DUPLEX special materials.

Produktübersicht TOBproducts 1.4571 A5

TOBproducts  A5 | 1.4571

Are you interested in our connecting elements in 1.4571 and A5? DIBt, the technical authority in Germany in
the construction sector, requires 1.4571 for corrosion resistance class III. This material is used wherever connecting elements made of A4 or A5 stainless steel are required. 1.4571 is used in construction projects where freshwater or rainwater contact takes place.

Produktübersicht TOBproducts 1.4462 Duplex

TOBproducts  D6 | 1.4462 DUPLEX

You can find our product range for 1.4462 material here. 1.4462 material (DUPLEX) is prescribed by the DIBt
for corrosion resistance class IV. The DUPLEX material is used in construction projects in an environment that contains chloride or saline water.

Produktübersicht TOBproducts 1.4529 HCR

TOBproducts  A8 | 1.4529 HCR (1.4539 HCR)

Obtain an overview of our products containing material 1.4529 HCR. 1.4529 (HCR) material represents “the king” of highly corrosion resistant steels and is used in projects in corrosion resistance class V, which is referred to as “very strong”. This applies to connecting elements in environments containing a lot of chlorine, such that of swimming pool construction. It is also used in environments where high sulphur dioxide levels exist, such as in road tunnels and urban car parks.

Product Information TOBproduct

Product information TOBproduct ART.4090

ART. 4090-1
FAST-Drill countersunk head timber screws in
material A8 | 1.4529 HCR

Produktinformation TOBproduct ART.4790

ART. 4790-1
Countersunk head timber screws in
material A8 | 1.4539 

Product information TOBproduct ISO 14585

ISO 14585
Pan head tapping screws
material D6 | 1.4462 DUPLEX

Produktinformation TOBproduct ART.14586

ISO 14586
Countersunk head tapping screws
material D6 | 1.4462 DUPLEX

Produktinformation TOBproduct ISO 7380-1

ISO 7380-1
Hexagon socket button head screws
material D6 | 1.4462 DUPLEX

Produktinformation TOBSTEEL TOBproduct ART. 9001
ART. 9001
Quadra-Speed terrace timber screws
Produktinformation TOBSTEEL TOBproduct ART. 8690

ART. 8690
Thruss head timber screws “Trespo'” for facade constructions with TX-six lobe drive

Produktinformation TOBSTEEL TOBproduct ART. 2090

ART. 2090
Fence-building screws
Truss head with hexagon socket 5.5 mm and full thread

Produktinformation TOBSTEEL TOBproduct ART. 2090

ART. 9015
Bi-metal thin sheet screws with double thread/fine thread

Produktinformation TOBproduct DIN 7504 K
DIN 7504 K
Stainless steel hexagon washer head drilling screws, type K
Produktinformation TOBproduct DIN 7504 K0
DIN 7504 K0
Stainless steel hexagon washer head drilling screws, type K with assembled sealing washers
Produktinformation TOBproduct DIN 7504 M
DIN 7504 M-T
Stainless steel pan head drilling screws, type M
Produktinformation TOBproduct DIN 7504 O
DIN 7504 O-T
Stainless steel countersunk head drilling screws, type O

Declarations of Performance

All Declarations of Performance for approved timber construction screw products can be found here:

Product Information Sectors


Here you will find the most important information about our TOP products in the solar technology, facade and window technology, fence construction, timber construction, offshore, plant and pipeline construction and tunnel and bridge construction sectors.


Solar technology


Facade and window technology


Fence construction


Timber construction


Offshore, pipeline and plant construction

Tunnel and bridge construction

Individual screw configurations


Learn more about the options available to you for individual screw configurations.
Here you can download an overview of our diagrams for drive type, head shape, thread form and screw tip options.

Screw drive forms
Screw head forms
Screw thread forms
Screw tips

Material data sheets


Our material data sheets provide you with all the essential technical information you need about our most important special materials.


TOBmaterial A5 | 1.4571


TOBmaterial D6 | 1.4462 DUPLEX


TOBmaterial A8 | 1.4529 HCR


TOBmaterial A4 | 1.4401 / 1.4404 / 1.4578


TOBmaterial A2 | 1.4301 / 1.4567

TOBmaterial 1.4410
TOBmaterial 1.4501
TOBmaterial 1.4828
TOBmaterial 1.4841
TOBmaterial 2.4668 –
high alloy material
TOBmaterial 2.4819 –
high alloy material

Application examples for selection of material and durability

under consideration of DIN EN 1993-1-4:2015-10 / Eurocode 3 – Annex A for load-bearing parts

Selection of the correct steel grade by detrmining the respective Corrosion Resistance Factor CRF and the Corrosion Resistance Class (CRC)

application examples for selection of material


National technical approval Z-30.3-6 of 20 April 2022

TOBSTEEL is listed as a manufacturer of products according to Annex 7, Table 9 in the field of fasteners and anchors
in accordance with the general building approval Z-30.3-6.

Certificate Quality Management ISO 9001:2015

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. These specifications define all our processes, are what we live and, of course,
regularly improve upon. This is because only then can we guarantee the high quality standard of our products.

Qualität durch unsere Zertifizierung nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System