Multiple benefits through head painting of screws

Head painting – Where paint decorates
and protects

Coating screws heads with paint fulfils several tasks: it gives the screw a decorative colour, matches it in colour to the connection point joint or forms a protective coating. Painting screws in
bold colours is also suitable for labelling products conspicuously.

As a rule, a screw which has its head painted fulfils its intended purpose perfectly, because the thread is no longer visible after being screwed in. Coating the entire screw is especially useful
if the paint is to provide protection against corrosion.

Multiple benefits from painting screws

Painting not only provides an added benefit for screws. Even nuts, rivets or washers can be coated with paint of all kinds. Painting screws, nuts, rivets and washers enhances each connecting element visually and provides them with a decorative effect. A screw, which otherwise
is just a necessary component of the construction, sets strong visual accents with a painted head.

Painting screws often serves the purpose of visually and unobtrusive adapting the screw to the design environment. This is important for façade construction screws. A screw head painted in the colours of the façade blends harmoniously into the surroundings. This makes an otherwise annoying screw almost invisible.

Head painting makes screws unobtrusive

The same applies to screws used in terrace construction or wood screws used for interior fittings. When painted in the exact same colour
as the wooden panels, the screws can hardly be noticed.

There are a lot of options available for painting screws. You can choose any colour tone from each colour system, whether RAL or DB, NCS
or Pantone. Colour samples are also ideally suited as a template for painting the screws in the desired colour. Painting is either performed
in high gloss or matt.

Painted screw heads can have a finer or coarser textured surface owing to the larger colour pigments present. This allows their surface structure to adapt to the environment. Thus, ensuring that deck screws and façade construction screws are perfectly camouflaged.

Free choice between wet painting
and powder coating

The paint is applied either in a wet painting or powder coating process.

Wet painting represents the conventional form of surface finish. A practically unlimited choice of colours and different structures
are available for painting the screws.

Wet-painted screws demonstrate a high resistance to weathering and chemicals. The mechanical resistance of the paint layer also
meets high expectations.

With powder coating, the coatings are sprayed onto electrically conductive materials electrostatically. Baking takes place subsequently
at 180 to 200° C. This process results in particularly hard layers demonstrating high impact, abrasion and scratch resistance. While the
colour range used to be limited in the past for powder coating, a wide range of colour shades is now available.


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