Team of company TOBSTEEL GmbH in Öhringen

Our standard:
The extraordinary

Raw climates. Salt water. Loads that weigh several tons. Oil-smeared outdoor use or enormous responsibility in sterile environments: That is TOBSTEEL. Because extremes make up our everyday lives and challenges are our daily bread.
And we are neither an oilrig nor an expert in structural and civil engineering.

We are actually a wholesale enterprise.

Granted, this attribute alone does not make us something out of the ordinary, since there are many wholesale enterprises with interesting product ranges. In Germany, Europe and all over the world. What distinguishes us from most other companies (and perhaps even makes us unique?), is our organic corporate culture and our special product range in the niche market for stainless steel.

Over 100 employees currently make up our TOBteam at TOBSTEEL. To make our team work, of course, the first thing you need is team play.
In contrast to large corporations with extensive hierarchical structures, the hierarchies we live are flat and open.
At TOBSTEEL, the Managing Director sits right in the middle of our open-plan office. And can be found at the coffee machine and in conversation with colleagues. And because of the number of staff we have, everyone knows everyone and there is no fear of contact between colleagues in Administration and Logistics. Professional know-how, commitment and initiative are the qualities that characterize us.

We understood long ago that TOBSTEEL is nothing without its TOBteam. Only if the entire workforce identifies with the company, has fun at work, and sees their working day as a real asset to their life, and not as a pesky duty, we can deliver the performance that our discerning customers demand every day.
This is why regular events, further training opportunities and stimulating activities make up part of our lives at TOBSTEEL.

Our TOBteam – Your benefit

A pleasant working environment is good and nice – but at the end of the day, the only thing that counts is the result.
And here we can say with justification that our corporate culture really pays off. That said, we offer our employees a modern working atmosphere with bright and air-conditioned offices, plenty of space for personal development and flat hierarchies. Multilingual colleagues have the opportunity to use their language skills in Sales in the market served by their languages. In the end, though, we know that we can rely on our well-rehearsed, technically skilled team to work in a manner that is just as perfect as the interlocking teeth on a transmission. For our customers, this means a convincingly high level of service, an expert contact person at all times, short delivery times and competitive conditions. For our team, this means a working environment in which they make things work and achieve their goals.

Would you like to become part of the TOBteam? Then, take a look at our Careers section.
We are always looking for new talents to fortify our team.

By the way, even if a job is not officially advertised, we look forward to hearing from you through an open application.