Delivery according to customer requirements – Special order for screws

Special orders for screws
– What TOBSTEEL can do for you

Often only modifications and additions can give screws exactly the characteristics needed to make them perfect for your application.
Whether it be for locking processes, test certificates, general certificates or reworking needs: We deliver connecting elements in the
special form you require for your special screw orders.

Select from our range of services:

Test Certificates

Certificates prove in writing that the screws meet the parameters you require. Such proof is important as a base for planning and calculation by engineers and architects, especially with screws made of special materials. TOBSTEEL provides you with additional types of proof besides standard CE and ETA certificates.

Mechanical Processing

In some practical scenarios, standard dimension screws prove to be less suitable. In such cases, machining the screws can ensure appropriate modification. Shortening threaded rods, for example, is a form of mechanical processing that is much sought after. It allows the threaded section to be screwed into shorter screw openings. We can rework screws in many other ways too, for instance by inserting spinal holes or altering the threads into fine threads.

Thread Locking

Locking is used when screw connections are subjected to shocks and vibrations and need to be held in place securely for a long time. Depending on the type of locking, it can also seal against liquids and gases. We furnish each screw with clamping or adhesive locking capabilities, depending on your needs.

Surface Coating

Surface coatings protect screws and make them look better. We furnish screws with coatings that provide functional benefits or special designs. Surface coating can also contribute to increasing corrosion protection.

Head Painting

Painting is often used to visually enhance screws, for example, in terrace and façade construction. We paint screw heads in any colour,
be it as part of a colour system or based on a material sample, in high gloss or with a matt or structured surface.


Screws are often not used alone, but in combination with seals, washers and nuts. Use our packing so that your fitters can use the connecting elements in a preconfigured form. This saves time during the fitting process. We are more than happy to deliver your screws in customized packaging.

Special packaging for screws

Companies sometimes need special packaging so that screws can be optimally stored and ready for use quickly. Making use of this service makes special sense after processing or packaging. We pack in all kinds of packaging, including boxes, bags or buckets. We furnish these special screws packaging with the labels required including QR and EAN codes.

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You’ll be surprised at our versatility when it comes to delivering connecting elements in the special form you require for your special screw orders. TOBSTEEL is also a leader in high quality and is capable of producing in all relevant processes for special and custom parts.

Our Sales Team will be more than happy to help you further:

Our Sales Team will be more than happy to help you further:

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