Picking and packing screws made of stainless steel

Picking and packing screws –
Delivery to size

The correct picking and packing of screws ensures that you can use the connecting elements immediately. Whether in warehousing, production, trade or construction:
TOBSTEEL supplies the screws in the form that meets your requirements.

Picking and packing is performed after the screws have been modified. Frequently requested screw modifications take place particularly in the form of head painting,
mechanical machining, coating and the attachment of thread locks.

Pre-picked and packed screws for immediate use

Our picking and packing services for screws save you time on the job, because your fitters do not have to pre-assemble components that belong together, but instead have them to hand right away. Typical picking and packing services include:

  • Placing seals on screws
  • Placing washers on screws
  • Placing nuts on screws
  • Packing the assembly bag according to specification
Packaging takes place according to the specifications of the customer using the preferred packaging means. This can include, for example, folding boxes, cartons, boxes with or without a chute, plastic bags or boxes. By delivering the screws in the containers specified by the customer, they can be stored immediately and do not have to be removed and repacked first.

Screws in ready-to-sell packaging for the trade

We can realize a variety of different packaging types that are adapted to the design of the company, especially for our customers from the trade. We adapt the writing and the style of the labels to the specifications of the trading company. Thus, supporting your logistics and your brand presentation at the same time.

TOBSTEEL is capable of fulfilling almost all customer requirements for the picking and packing of connecting elements – so rely on our experience in perfectly timed and optimal
picking and packing.
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about the many options we have available for surface coating,
thread locking, mechanical machining and head painting.

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Our Sales Team will be more than happy to help you further:

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