Guaranteed quality – test certificates screws

Guaranteed quality with
test certificates for screws

Screws needed for complex requirements have to comply with guaranteed strength parameters. This is because planners, architects and engineers need guaranteed parameters so that they can identify which screws meet all the construction requirements.

For non-standard screws, it is the test certificate for a screw that delivers all these values. It certifies to the user that the connecting elements supplied meet the defined requirements. For screws made of special materials, it is the test certificate for the screw in particular that is referred with preference since it ensures compliance with the properties required.

Various test documents available

We supply our customers with the certificates they require at short notice in the form of a service. We have a total of eight types of test certificates for screws available:

Factory certificate: This allows manufacturer to confirm that the connecting elements supplied meet the specifications stated in the order. Test results do not form part of the certificate.

Test report: Again, the manufacturer confirms that the connecting elements meet the specifications stated in the order. This is documented by test results that come from the current production run, but not from the batch delivered (non-specific test).

Acceptance test certificate from the manufacturer: This test is performed by an acceptance officer at the manufacturer, who is not part of the manufacturing department. Test samples are taken from the screws ordered (specific test).

Acceptance test certificate from accredited laboratory: As with the test certificate from the manufacturer, test specimens are taken from the batch of screws ordered. An independent laboratory performs the test here instead of a representative of the manufacturer.

Material analysis: We can determine the composition of any connecting element in our laboratory and identify it by means of a test certificate. The analysis is carried out on an XRF spectrometer (X-ray fluorescence analysis).

Initial sample test report (ISTR): We can prepare an ISTR for the screw connections on your behalf prior to the start of series production. This allows you to demonstrate the high-quality standard of the product to your customer.

Technical test report: In the case of technical test reports, we record the results of complaints that have been reviewed and make them available to you.

Declaration of performance for approved products (CE/ETA): The manufacturers of building inspectorate approved products certify the essential characteristics and data for these products with the declaration of performance. Approval can be carried out according to CE or ETA standards. We have all declarations of performance available for download.

The acceptance certificates from the manufacturer or accredited laboratory are particularly suitable as test certificates for screws with high safety requirements.
This is because they are based on random samples of the current batch for delivery and therefore offer maximum safety.

Since we attach great importance to the quality of our products, we carry out regular tests on out screws over and above the tests listed here.
This includes 3D measurements, dimensional tests and optical measurements using a measuring microscope.

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