Quality without compromise. Connecting elements made of stainless steel and highly corrosion-resistant special materials.
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Quality without compromise. Connecting elements made of stainless steel and highly corrosion-resistant special materials.
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There are as many screws as grains of sand on a beach.
But not every screw can handle the sea and sand.

Adverse environments take their toll. Raw climates, immense forces in buildings or special hygiene requirements – the products used here need to withstand all these extremes, and the material chosen and quality need to fit their purpose without compromise.
A great responsibility for both man and material.

TOBSTEEL is a leading specialist when it comes to stainless steel and special materials for high-quality connecting elements. Extremes are our everyday life, the most adverse challenges are normality for us. Always with the one aim in mind, to transform your requirements into reality, both perfectly and reliably.

And we never settle for just the standard either.

TOBSTEEL FAST-Drill Holzbauschrauben ART.4090

TOBSTEEL FAST-Drill countersunk head timber screws
ART. 4090-1 in material 1.4529 | HCR

– the “Queen” among the timber screws

TOBSTEEL GmbH, listed in the general building-authority approval Z-30.3-6 as specialist for screws and fixings made of high corrosion resistant stainless steels, sees it as its obligation to face the continuously growing standards of the modern wood engineering with responsibility and above all correspondent to the requirements!
During the past years there were problems with the procurement of timber screws for the swimming pool construction over and over again.
We are very proud to present you hereinafter the solution:

The TOBSTEEL FAST-Drill countersunk head timber screw ART. 4090-1 with reinforced head, produced in material 1.4529 | HCR
and in the highest corrosion resistance class CRC V.      

With this screw we meet all requirements towards the swimming pool construction, which are indicated in the
general building-authority approval Z-30.3-6 in accordance with DIN EN 13451-1 for components and fixings in
swimming pool areas without regular cleaning! 

Your contact person in Sales

More than 20 employees make up our sales team. The wide-ranging knowledge of our trained tradespeople and screw specialists not only allows us to send you tailor-made quotations
for your requirements, but also allows us to advise you on the current safety standards regarding the selection of materials and corrosion resistance classes. Whether you require DIN
or ISO screws made of high-quality stainless material, or threaded rods, nuts, washers or any other type of connecting element made of stainless steel or a special material; we have
over 25,000 items available directly from stock. From our premises and logistics centre in Öhringen, Baden-Württemberg, we ship our goods worldwide.

You can reach us from Mondays to Thursdays from 7.30 am to 4.45 pm and on Fridays from 7.30 am to 2.45 pm.

Alexander Gebert

Alexander Gebert

Sales Manager. Export Team

Our export team will be glad to help you further if you are based outside of Germany. With our team of
Polish, Italian, Spanish, Serbia, Croatian, Russian, French and English native speakers, we support you
in choosing the right materials for your construction project or in procuring special parts.
Ralf Schmidt

Ralf Schmidt

Team Leader Sales D - A - CH

If you are based in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Liechtenstein, our Team Germany can advise you on
all matters. Our experts know all about our 25,000 items made of acid-resistant, stainless steel.
We will be glad to send you an individual quotation
for your enquiry.

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