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Variety of stainless-steel screws –
How to find the right connection system for you

Stainless steel connecting elements and special materials are what TOBSTEEL specializes in. In our 12,500 m² high bay storage area, we stock around 25,000 different types of stainless steel screws, bolts, nuts and other connecting elements. We even have one of the largest warehouses in Europe for 3-metre-long threaded rods, allowing us to deliver up to 1,000 pieces every day in any desired length and material. Our threaded rods are mainly of European origin and meet all the requirements for tensile strength and yield strength to 100%. You have the choice between connecting elements according to ISO, DIN and NFE and TOB article-standard or special and drawing parts. We can also supply you many products with an appropriate approval on request.

Find out more about the most important standards

Even with all the variety available, choosing the right standard for stainless steel screws is not difficult.

You should first find out about ISO screws, if international standards have been
enforced in your industry and for your applications. ISO screws are usually available
for the most important screw applications. Screws according to this standard system
are always first choice, especially for international projects. We provide you with information on the ISO standard and explain the differences between the DIN, EN
and ISO standards.

DIN screws are still the prevailing standard in many industries. This is because many international standards have their origins in Germany and many international planners
and consumers continue to use this tried-and-tested standards system.
A number of popular connection systems are also only available in the form of DIN screws.

Here you can find out in which areas the DIN standard represents the most beneficial standard.

Beyond these standards, other good solutions for stainless steel screws also exist

Special and drawing parts unfold their strengths where standard parts fail to offer a satisfactory solution. They represent the best choice
if you require special screw drive and head forms or special thread designs and screw ends. You can also choose the most suitable material alloy for stainless steel screws. Special articles help you implement your automation projects, facilitate higher tightening torques and adapt products to special installation situations. Find out which options connecting elements offer you as special and custom parts.

For non-standardized products, a general building inspectorate approval gives you the security that the connection means meet the high tested requirements. The CE mark or ETA approval provides you with a test value that reliably documents the characteristic values of these products. This delivers engineers and architects a solid basis for planning. Read what benefits the different approvals.
Kennzeichnung ETA und CE für Edelstahlschrauben

All stainless steel screws at a glance

The product assortment at TOBSTEEL is fully yet clearly summarized in our general catalogue containing more than 25,000 articles. You can receive the catalogue in digital form or ask for it by email or by post.

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