Repacking screws of any kind – special packaging screw

Special packaging for screws
When the standard isn’t enough

TOBSTEEL supplies stainless steel screws to any destination in any common packaging size. Not infrequently, users need their screws in special packaging or other sizes.
This because of special technical or logistical requirements, or because customers want to use their own packaging.

Repacking in any suitable packaging possible

No problem – We can deliver in any packaging form desired. To do so, we empty the connecting elements from their packaging, count them with a machine and repack them in the container desired. Also, special packaging forms such as plastic cans, cardboards boxes with viewing window or bag can be complied with. We offer this service for all the parts we have in stock.


  • Repacking from a box into larger or smaller boxes
  • Replacing the packaging form, e.g. with a plastic bag or bucket instead of a box
  • Dividing up bulk goods into larger or smaller quantities

Standard packs usually in stock

It goes without saying that we re-label the new packaging to reflect to the changed filling volume. In addition to this, we can make sure the labels contain all the information you require, including the name and logo of the company making the acquisition and the QR and EAN codes. These codes can be processed in a timesaving manner using mobile phones and scanners that are favoured in logistics and material flow.

We often stock industry-standard types of packaging, such as cartons and polybags of various sizes. But we can also use packs that you provide.


Repacking, sorting, assembling, labelling – at TOBSTEEL all connecting are available in exactly the delivery form required.

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Our Sales Team will be more than happy to help you further:

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