Stainless steel screws in tunnel and bridge construction

Stainless steel in
tunnel and bridge construction

Anyone who thinks that stainless steel does not play a major role in tunnel and bridge construction is mistaken.
The use of highly corrosion-resistant steel is indispensable, especially in the construction of tunnels and bridges.

The biggest problem in the tunnel:
The level of SOpollution

In a tunnel, all the elements attached to the ceiling, including the lighting, cable ducts, cable support systems, exhaust systems or fans, are exposed to a constant level of sulphur dioxide pollution. Sulphur dioxide makes up a significant part of the emissions from cars and trucks. In combination with moisture (and in a tunnel, it is always wet by design) sulphur dioxide hydrolyses to an aggressive acid that attacks all metallic compounds. Without extremely corrosion-resistant stainless steel connecting elements, SO2 pollution would make a tunnel no longer safe for traffic after just a few months.

Weak spots on bridges:
Bridge gullies and drainage

The requirements for the material in bridge construction are slightly different than for tunnels. Exhaust gases are not the greatest challenge, but the winter. Here, bridge drains and bridge drainage channels are required to protect the lanes on the bridge reliably against the accumulation of surface water. During the winter months, these drainage systems are exposed to extremely high levels of salt from salt spraying systems. The use of salt for de-icing, which allows drivers to drive of ice-free roads, causes extreme levels of stress for steels. For this reason,
all the metallic elements in bridge construction need to have the highest level of material and processing quality.

The following corrosion resistance classes
are applied in tunnel and bridge construction:

  • CRC III (1.4401 or 1.4571) 
    Example: A4 stainless steel for reinforcing noise and crash barriers
  • CRC IV (1.4462)
    Example: Attaching edge beams on bridges
    (depending on the state or region also performed in 1.4529)
  • CRC V (1.4529)
    Example: wall and ceiling fastenings in tunnel construction; Attaching edge beams on bridges
    (depending on the state/region)

We at TOBSTEEL are a leading specialist in all the materials required for tunnel and bridge construction.
Threaded bolts and rods, hexagon bolts, metric screws with countersunk head, threaded sleeves, nuts and washers of all sizes come into use in tunnel and bridge construction.

We have the right material in stock for every corrosion resistance class, and the quality of our products is our top priority at all times.
In general building inspectorate approval Z-30.3-6 from April 20, 2022, our company is named and recommended as a supplier of connecting elements. We meet the high level of responsibility placed on us with competence and qualitatively flawless products!

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